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Stone Industrie & Costral, a great complementarity

 Stone Industrie-Costral-light

It's almost a year elapsed since the resumption of Stone Industrie by Costral and already more than positive emerges, synergies and complementarities of the two entities are even more severe than expected.

There is a huge motivation for both sides and both teams communicate much. The warm welcome of the Alsatian Costral to the Isere team of Stone Industrie should not be foreign to this enthusiasm.

Moreover, the very first exchanges of know-how have already brought innovation to our bottling equipment, whether for Stone Industrie or Costral.

This energetic recovery also allow to Stone Industrie to expand by increasing its research department and parts store through several hires.

Certainly on this dynamic and with our respective know-how, with the support of our partners Albagnac and PE labellers for labelling solutions and BEDI solutions for end of line, our two entities will position themselves as quickly world leaders in bottling lines and packaging of non- carbonated liquids, on rates of 0 to 25.000 bottles / hour.



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